Therapy for Therapists, Military, Lawyers and Educators in North Carolina

Everyone deals with stress — but it’s no secret that certain occupations bring intense levels of pressure. Stokewell Counseling provides accessible and affirming therapy for healthcare workers, lawyers, teachers, therapists, and other high-stress professionals in North Carolina.

Those serving in the military have required longer and more frequent deployments because of current conflicts.

• One in five (20 percent) active duty service members experienced symptoms of
post-traumatic stress (PTSD), depression and other mental health problems.

• Military suicide is a national crisis with one active duty soldier taking his or her own life every 36 hours and one veteran every 80 minutes.

Teachers are faced with the tough choice of feeling trapped in a crushing career or leaving a career that felt like a calling all while dealing with shortages, lack of support, and increasing demands.

• 1 in 5 North Carolina teachers intend to leave their school, either for another school or to exit the profession.

• Nearly 70 percent of educators say their students have greater mental health needs compared to a typical year.

Stokewell Counseling partners with professionals in high-stress occupations by walking alongside them as they navigate the rigor of their careers. With evidenced-based models of therapy, Stokewell Counseling helps clients experiencing:

Challenging Workplace Dynamics
Panic Attacks
Performance Anxiety
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Trauma and Secondary Trauma

…and more.

North Carolina Therapy for Military, Teachers, and Lawyers Who Are Overwhelmed

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Types of Therapy for Therapists and Lawyers in Sanford, NC

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